Welcome to PlanKim.com!

This site is “IT Plan Business Practice Institute.” (Generally ‘IT’ means ‘Information Technology’ in Korea.)

It is a blog which is operated to help Korean companies in IT planning. Unlike other countries, Korean corporate’s culture has strict organizational culture, it is not enough to learn the necessary tasks in university.

There is no place where you can get the information you need for IT planning. It is a site operated to help such a practitioner.

In addition, I have worked planning work by using Mac computer for many years and then I realized that Mac/Apple system is good for working of IT Planing job.

For that reason Plankim blog provides the news and information of Apple products. PlanKim blog’s materials and datas are all created by using Mac computer.

In the 1980’s, employees did not use computer. It was a time when the work was done by hand. In the late 1980’s, however, companies began to introduce so-called computer system and computer. A lot of things have changed in using the computer.

All content is organized, stored in the system, and requires a code system. Computer wasinvented and used in developed countries such as the United States, and large companies began to be introduced in Korea through IBM.

The introduction of the system has created a need for people to operate the system. So companies began to hire so-called ‘computer workers’.

However, as the organization grew bigger, Big companies began to build separate companies around their computer staff, which began to support their system. (the big SI(the company of IT system integration) company like Samsung SDS, LGCNS, SKC & C, Shinsegae I & C, Hanwha S & C, etc.)

However, new needs have been raised. The integration of existing computer employees into other companies requires an understanding of IT technology and the professional staff to deal with the staff and work for these big SI companies.

This is the start of the information planning business of general company. This information planning task is not about learning at school, but about understanding the latest technology and working as a bridge between business and IT system.

Basically, IT planning work need to understand of corporate management, finance, the latest IT technology and overall IT system. System administrators and developers can work this job, but they cannot work it very well. That’s why we need understanding of these knowledge.

PlanKim Information Planning Research Institute will provide information on such information planning data. Also, if you need any information or help for IT planning or information planning, please send us a Q&A or email.(email: ceo@plankim.com)

Cheers and Visualize your goal.